Monday, May 10, 2010

Fast cars and faster women!

Well I went to Brooklyn Slipway again yesterday to get some more race time on the celica. After missing the last round on my 30th birthday due to lack of cam belt, I really wanted to have a crack. Alas, this time it was a CV joint that was causing issues, as it was quite a tight course and the steering was definitely having problems keeping up. That and there just doesn't seem to be any power in the low rev range in 1st gear.

I know I need to replace a few things, especially the intake and the exhaust. Along with the CV that I have already to do. I know I'll never come close to winning an event with the car that I have, but its really just to get out and have a go, when I win lotto, perhaps i'll buy a new car to tinker with.

The annoying thing was that after a hard days racing, a nice cruise home, I pulled into my driveway where my car promptly died. Can't tell you what it is, was or anything that made it stop, it starts, but it stutters and any gas and it dies again. I'd say its lack of petrol, but the lights not come on yet....

Today its really cold, i've walked the dog and played at the park. I'm now thinking, do I leave the car till i've got all day to look at it tomorrow, or do I spend a couple hours this morning looking at it before I head off to work. I can take the evo if the Celica is in parts. It's cold out and i'm hungry too... perhaps I'll wait till tomorrow :p

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