Thursday, October 18, 2012

Path Finder Escapades - Falcon's Hollow

I've played Pathfinder for about 18 months now.  Starting last year just as I started with my new job at TelstraClear.  I met with Bryan & Dan who were the GM's of the Path Finder games that had a space in their games.  This was quite a good break for me, new friends, back into table top games & good times ahead.  Earlier this year, Dan moved back to Aus to allow his wife to follow her dreams in regards to her career.  With Bryan being busy with fencing, someone needed to step into the GM seat.  As others have other games they play, I figured I'd put my hand up.  Now the big problem is that I've only GM'ed once before & that was DnD 3.5 with some relative newbies. 

So begins my stint as a GM.  Having taken over the choice was either, continue with our current group, level 2 & part way through an adventure, or start again with fresh characters.  I decided no point re-creating something that people were keen to play on from.  So with a meta game shift of locations, I started with them heading to Falcons Hollow.  The thing I have the biggest problem is Story Hooks & impromptu changes (curse the adventurers) so it might seem like a bit of a railroad for the players at the start, but now we've had a few episodes, all going pretty well.  The adventurers have headed off to Almos, leaving my old character in charge of the Lumber Consortium after supplanting the old previous guy.  Here's how our adventure started out in Falcons Hollow, from the point of view of Lugdush, 1/2 Orc Inquisitor.

It's early Autumn, winter is coming & we're riding west through some god forsaken forest. It's been 3 days since we left the Army & the beautiful woman we rescued.  If only the family wasn't so messed up, I might have stayed behind.  Anyway, we set off west, not wanting to get embroiled in the issue of the kidnapped baby, what we do next is yet to be decided, perhaps we hit up a city and find something else to do, we've gotten on pretty well with each other after being bought together randomly.  It seems we all have a reason to be adventuring, whether it be to change peoples lives, earn money or get away from the militia, it's an interesting gathering of force.

As we're travelling, we hear a horse flying through the forest, we part from the path we're on, concerned about being run into by a rogue beast, as the sound get louder it slows too, around the corner comes a horse bearing a rider dressed in studded leather.  He stops short of us and waits, going forward I realise who this mystery rider is.  "Idris?"  - He looks up, "Lug? praise to Gorum! I have found one worthy of my task!"  I signal to the group to dismount and we break for lunch.  It seems he has received word that his daughter is missing and help is required, he is on urgent business and can't afford to break from that to help, I agree to travel to Falcon's Hollow to help & the Party agrees to come along.  He suggests that a reward could be offered from the parents of other children that have also gone missing.

The next day we break out of the forest.  We have a few days ride ahead of us to reach Falcons Hollow, pushing through the day and into the nights, we manage to arrive late afternoon.  We begin our base investigations.  It seems that the children went up to the burnt out orphanage, for a good old "stay at the haunted house" dare between kids.  Sounds like they are adventurers to be!! We decide to gather some more intel and shake down the parents for some rewards.  It's not ideal, but even I'm low on food & supplies.  The Lumber Consortium bigwig's son is also missing, this is our pay day!  He offers a reward, it's enough to cover all the kids, perhaps he's trying to raise his standing with the common folk.  Either way, we get some other smaller offers from other parents as well.  The Wizard offers his services at cut price rates, better than nothing!!

Early the next morning we head out to scout the orphanage.  KOBOLDS!  I hate kobolds, but no doubt they were the ones to take the children.  Tent & supplies are torn up & scattered just off to the side, at least they had some sense.  Anyway, the tracks lead into the forest, oh yay, I love forests (Not!).  The trek through the forest was pretty mundane, we followed the tracks and found the ruins of a dwarven monastary.  My studies had taught me that this place was probably a location of dark worship, but these guys didn't need to know that!  We were here for the kids and by Gorum we were going to get them!

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