Thursday, April 3, 2014

Has it been so long? Where has the Time gone?

Wow!  Has it really been 18 months since I last blogged, I'm sure I'd done at least a couple of posts last year.  Obviously, they didn't get posted.

Things have changed since October 2012, first of all, I became a dad!  Holy shit, that's a big change!  Which is probably why there is no blog update, actually, I did think at one point, I'd change this gaming blog to be a dad blog, but then, who wants to hear about changing nappies and watch Dora the Explorer?

So, last year has seriously flown by, I took 6 months off work to look after my baby girl, after my wife went back to work (the joys of her earning way more than me!) - we had a lot of fun times, swimming, baby sensory, coffee group meet ups, zoo visits etc.  But now I'm back at work, Ginnifer is at day care and Grandma takes care of her in the morning / afternoon when my wife and I go to work.

When we had Ginny, I cut back on my RPG days, time became short and free time even shorter.  We didn't have much problem with Ginny, she slept through from like 8 weeks (by through, I mean 12-6am, that's long enough) - she never had colic, she was always happy and loved to be around other people.  Our 42kg German Shepherd has been the best ever, she will nip, but only when she's had enough, never has she bitten or drawn blood, even when one of our friends twins was beating her up.  One hell of a giant sook thats for sure!!

Anyway, with Ginny getting older and my friends and family enthusiastically looking to baby sit, some friends and I have decided to pick up a monthly DnD game.  What better way to kick off my blog again.  This time, I'm going to put a reminder in my calendar, so each fortnight, I'll have something to write about.  Here is a list of potential topics that will appear on my blog.

1) ShadowRun - Mash up of 3 & 4, run on a semi regular, weeknight with Tony (GM), myself, John, Mark W, Darren & Marty.  I play a Troll street samurai with a penchant for smashing innocent faces into coffee tables if they look at me funny.  (one time!)

2) The Shackled City - Pathfinder - This is the Monthly Game that I plan to GM myself, with John, Mark W & the Candyman (Mark C, who, incidentally, also just became a dad).  We might need 1 more, but we'll go with it for now.  Honourable mention - thanks to Aaron from Hamilton for sending the book down, finally getting to use it.

3) Random board games! - When our Shadowrun game failed to happen, John & Mark W came around anyway and we played ElderSign, sometimes, when things don't go right, we improvise, so these might pop up occasionally.  Even games that have been written about before, might come up again, as there are some games we just love playing and come out with different ends.

4) LARP (Live Action Role Play) - I LARP, I love it, I've made awesome friends through it.  I've started a new campaign in Auckland, will be at that twice a year, we have the odd Convention (4 actually, through the year) where we play up to 6 different games over the course of the weekend.  Also the odd theater form game that I go to as well. (one off 3 hour games)

If anyone has any suggestions on games to play, or any feedback on my posts, please feel free to comment on any of them.

Wil Weaton, if you read this, feel free to make a mention of it on TableTop!  #WilWeatonFanBoy

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