Friday, July 11, 2014

Pathfinder - New game (kinda)

I've had a few sessions of a Pathfinder game, that I play using Maptools online.  It's a great way to get RPG fix, I can be at home, worse case I can look after Ginnifer if need be, but I can also socialise and take a break from life.  

So, this game is a little different, it's a really good setting.  A large city with surrounding environs, several houses full of nobles (think, Game of Thrones, on a more condensed geographical scale).  The Houses are united against the Orc battle lines.  We play the latest members of the noble houses that have come of age, we're recruited into the great defense of Last Wall, with our family crested weapons, armour, cloak & signet ring, we're off to make a name for ourselves.  

The idea behind having several "house" items, is that they "grow" with us.  Turning magical, getting properties etc, as they attune to our needs.  It's done to cut back on the fighting for magical loot & requirements for the GM to build in useful stuff as treasure, or expect the PC's to go shopping or to start crafting etc.  I think it's a great idea!! 

We get bonus XP for writing a journal - so I'll be sharing my journals with my blog!  YAY, a reason to update more often (Jeeze, heard that much before?)

I'm playing Andokai, originally orphaned, after a few years someone noticed a birthmark which gave her legitimacy to the Barton house.  A bloodline of Half Elves that are the main force behind the early warning lines of Last Wall.  After being discovered, she was taken in by the Bartons.  Although still considered an outcast / bastard child, she grows up, listening, learning and being rough & tumble.  

Andokai excels at Archery and is drafted into the Hit & Run training squads.  Her heritage shines as she darts through trees and makes hits at over a hundred yards.  

The Arrival
It's been too long since I put my words on paper; things have been so messed up lately. I finally finished training and was assigned to a large battalion of forces headed to Castle Ferrine, help was wanted to hold back the Orcs, glorious! I hate orcs.
It wasn't too long before we got the castle, assigned a place to set up camp and we were introduced to our leaders.  As part of a pathfinder group, I've been placed with a few men, not bad looking fellows, although I think my eyesight will be the best advantage we have, since they are humans.
We'll have to use light at the very least, a downside to hunting orcs, as they can see too well without light.

We've been requested to check out an old storage tower, the new troops have brought new stores and somewhere is needed to put it all.  However, the storage area seems to be disturbed and they want to ensure stuff won't get spoiled or stolen. 

Storage Wars
We cleared out the Tower today, by cleared out, I mean we slaughtered our way through the scum that inhabited it.  Everything was dark, not really surprising, but we had torches.  Dusty and mank, definitely needed cleaning before anyone stored anything there.
Found some scuffled footprints that indicated rats, BIG rats.  But the priest and the mage did well, together we cleared out the various rooms, found a few items, but nothing great, not surprising since the last time it was used it was emptied out.
We also found some skeletons and ghouls, I hate undead, they have no real skill to their tactics and it’s all mindless.  Still, we got rid of them, and then discovered something even more exciting; we found a hole leading under the tower, looks to be the work of orcs!

Orders Part 2
Just got back from reporting our findings to the leaders, I'm a bit dubious about some of their intentions, but the others don't seem concerned. 
I'll have to keep an eye out myself.  Still, we're expected to go down into the hole and clear out whatever it is down there.
Orc Holes!
After securing a way out, in case of trouble, we dropped down into the hole.  There's solid foundation work here, looks dwarfish, but someone’s been tunnelling too.  After looking around, we secured the room and continued on.
There are a few dwarven statues around, seems this place was sealed off at some point, but the craftsmanship is exquisite.  There's something in the water down here though, by the groups calculations, it's right below the well.
It's poison, someone's using Wyvern poison in the water, cleverly done.  Can't be orcs, they're too stupid.
I knew this place stank of Orcs! We got to the end of more tunnels and heard orc & probably kobolds talking. Nothing a boot to the door couldn't stop of course!  2 Kobolds and an Orc, one swift swing of my sword took care of him. Split from throat to scroat.
I hate Orcs!

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