Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Step 1: Getting Dressed.

OK, so thanks v.much to Heather for starting a blog and making me think about doing the same thing, again. Yes thats right, I probably have about 3 blogs that I've started and not touched in some 18-24 months AT LEAST!!

So now I'll start another one which, hopefully, will not end up gathering dust as the other ones have. Since now I find myself with the time to update things more often, as I no longer play online games, I don't work 8-5, Mon-Fri and waste evenings on the computer. I now work in a bar, different hours each week and find myself doing more active things such as working on my car, walking the dog, evening trying to get out on my bike, although thats not happening as much as I want it too.

I've started playing Paintball again, Race-2 Series in Palmerston north once a month, its a great way to play paintball on a budget, based on hopper +1 per point, although my trigger finger hasn't slowed down and that much paint still only allows me 2 minutes of game time!! LOL.

I'm going to get some lunch now, its just gone 1pm and I'm still in my PJ's, Yoda is on my T-Shirt, its the best Birthday Present I've ever had from my sister, got it on my 30th, was so stoked with it. So, lunch, shower, dressed and then I'll watch some TV/DVD or something before walking the dog and going to town to watch Clash of the Titans with friends.

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