Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 3: Stepping up

I'm at work early today, well... not really "early" as such. But Thursday mornings are now "DM Meeting" days. Which normally isn't too bad as I start around 11:30 ish most thursdays. This week we're concentrating on "FISH". A concept that makes workplaces fun to be in, by choosing attitude, playing and making customers' days, being there and having fun. This sunday we have a meeting that will see us having fun and coming up with ways to enjoy the work we all do. I generally have no problem with this, as I love my work, the atmosphere and the people I work with are all great. The down side is that I have to now be a leader, perhaps downside is the wrong word. I love telling people what to do, however always find myself not in the leader position, happy to give my advise, but never having the title. Well now I have that title, my bosses are pushing me to complete the DM process through the council, they are asking me to step up and be a leader and quite frankly I'm looking forward to it.

Now I'll sit back for an hour and enjoy the atmosphere of the bar, the free wireless and the great food. I'll chat up on my farm, send a couple emails, update my Rotorua Paintball team on the fact I can't make practice and then squeeze in some Warcraft before starting at 11:30.

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