Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Insert: Uncontrollable sobbing and whimpering!

So most of the people reading this will know I've had some issues with my "race" car. My daily driver / motor sport car got a great outing on sunday, 1/2 day at Brooklyn slipway where I stopped before my CV joint could decide to give up. I got home and 1/2 way down my driveway I coughed, spluttered and died! SO I spent yesterday investigating, fixing and replacing parts so that it would drive again. Today, I drove it to work and at Pukerua Bay it decided again, to stop. Not so much spluttering and coughing, but just slowly loosing power... very similar to the snapped cam belt, and I pray to the appropriate god that it isn't that again!!

The only thing worse than breaking down, is the fact I never planned to drive to work today. I planned to drive to the station, train to work and back and then drive home. That would have worked well, cause there was nothing wrong with it between home and puke bay. Even stopped for petrol and it was all happy!! Anyway, my plan for Drive/Train/Work/Train/Drive ended when I was lying in bed this morning enjoying a sleep in, when I realised that unless I was up and dressed and out the door in 5 minutes, I'd not get a train that would get me to work in time. After getting up, showered and dressed, I figured i'd drive the whole way. The next question was weather I took the Evo or the Celica.... This is where my choice couldn't have been worse. I chose to trust the celica, got in it, started smoothly, and drove fine. God only knows whats wrong with it.

Lucky though, I managed to fine a spot on the side of the road for it (puke bay isn't exactly break down on side of road friendly), called work to say i'd be late as I had to get a train when ever it came past. Lucky though, Jo called Jamie, who was just coming past Tawa and would pick me up at the Puke Bay shops, so I didn't have to worry about the train!! YAY!!! Queue Nessa's call, proceeded to tell her what happened, she was sympathetic which was a nice change. So we'll be hopefully towing the bitch home after work tonight (so much for going home for some n00kie :p ) . Really don't know what I can do to diagnose the problem, cept following some instructions from Warwick for getting an error code, which might help.

ARRRGGGGHHHHH!!!! Honestly, I think I should just spend a few grand and get a new one thats a lil newer and has more readily available parts. Mmmmmm, lotto, please help me!!

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