Friday, May 14, 2010

I have the best Friends!

Big up's to Ogre today, who braved the cold outdoors to stand by my broken down car, just to get the AA to call a Towie to get my car home. THANK YOU! I managed to leave work at 8:30, skipped my staff drink and was heading out of pram when Ness advised me that they were still in Puke Bay, waiting for the tow truck. I'd been there 5 mins when it showed up, we got it home and I felt much better already.

Sure it doesn't go, its hideous to look at, but I wouldn't be surprised if some random NZ'er decided to torch it, smash it, or push it over the cliff..... It wasn't expensive, but the time and effort that Candy and Ogre have helped put into it, not to mention the hours staring at various things wondering why things don't work, would just have gone to waste if something bad happens to it. Yes, I know I live in Porirua East, but we've not had any issues with law breakers around here!!

Anyway, the car is home, i'm not worrying anymore and I can sleep well again.

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