Thursday, June 3, 2010

When in doubt, Take Over!!

A Wise man once told me, the best philosophy was "When in doubt, Take Over" Today, I moved one step closer to my goal. Alas, it also meant getting up at the crack of dawn, having a shower, dressing in a shirt and dress pants and walking down to the train station. Now, after the number of times i've forgone my sleep in to take Ness down to work because she doesn't want to walk, I thought I might get a lift down, but no... she was sick, so I walked in the rain. Lucky it wasn't raining too hard.

But I got to work around 9ish, got the cleaner to let me in and proceeded to set up for the day, mainly to clear my mind and stop it from blowing up from thinking too much. Jo bought muffins for some breakfast, nom nom nom... I looked up some info on the Internet on Host Responsibility and proceeded to panic about not doing well and failing to get my Duty Manager Certificate.

Went to the KCDC at 11am, had a great little chat with the lady from the council and got back to work just before 12 mid - day.

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