Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Roadtrip, Paintball, Great Times.

This blog page has been sitting for a week.... I was going to write it last monday, but alas, it didn't happen, so here it is. 1 full week afterwards, the write up of my Roadtrip with Marty.

I was expecting to have to work late on friday, but managed to find someone to cover my shift, then even better, I got a day shift. So I didn't miss out on hours, but got a longer / better shift and got home to have some sleep.... at least that was the idea. After work, I got home, jumped on the net to do some stuff and forgot to pack, get ready or put my cell phone by the bed with my alarm. So, when I got to bed at 1am after raiding on WOW with my new guild, I didn't sleep well, got up only when I heard my phone ringing to find Marty waiting at the front door ready to go. So I had to rush around and pack clothes, sleeping bag, pillow and paintball gear. After getting on the road we had to turn around to grab my wallet... cause I'd need that!!

We had a pretty uneventful trip north biggest decision we had to make was whether we went through Taupo or the back roads, we decided the main route was the best way, stopping at the Brown Sugar Cafe in Taihape for coffee, delicious as usual. Then onto Taupo Burger Fuel for lunch. Onto Auckland after that, at 3:30pm we're cruising along the motorway looking for the right off ramp. We were staying at Spike's place in Mt Eden, so we got there and Toddy and his girl are there, along with Skinny and Muzz who were crashing there too. After a quick catch up, we watched a couple movies, Crank 2 (which is outstanding) followed my Men who stare at Goats... Not a movie i'd watch again!!

That night we went for a feed at a local (kinda) pub the "Mad Dogs and Englishmen". Couple beers, garlic bread and a mixed grill (steak, sausages, eggs, bacon, tomatoes, toast, om nom nommage). We met the great Devin from DYE Paintball. Talked BS for a couple hours and then back to Spike's place.

Sunday we went for a long ass drive to NorthShore, to Jono's new field. An AWESOME Set up, he's got a couple fields set up in the bush, plus his new speed ball arena. We had a DYE Tech course by Devon, learnt a lot about DYE guns, although I'll not be buying one any time soon it's good to know technical info about things. After the course, we cracked into an afternoon of shooting each other. Playing with randoms that i've never seen, old guys I used to play with and International stars!! Can't really complain. I did feel bad for Marty, after driving all the way up, his back just couldn't cope with playing. So after finding out my Angel A1 Fly was leaking air, he offered me his Angel A1 and I shot some fools. I probably would have shot some more, however I was wearing skate shoes after leaving 1 of my boots at home in the garage!! (Yeah yeah, note the "forgot to pack" above!! DOH!!

We drove back down to Skinnys place in "Hamilton" more like the back of beyond (10 minutes from Cambridge) which certainly saved some time on Monday morning. We left again around 7:30... had breakfast in Taupo, was nommy eggs benedict and a latte in this lil cafe. Afterwhich we drove straight through to Kapiti, stopping at Montieths where I shouted marty lunch as a thanks for driving up and putting up with me :p

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