Thursday, July 8, 2010

Reverting back? Bored? Unsettled?

I'm not sure whats happening.... but heres a little information.

Tonight I sit at home on my laptop, its late (midnight), Ness is in bed and I'm not really that tired. I miss Technology, I miss being online at work all day and coming home to be online most of the night. However, I love my job and don't really want to pack it in. If only I could have the best of both worlds. It's quite funny actually, as I say I miss being at work for 8 hours on the computer, it's one of the main reasons I got away from IT....

I say I miss technology, I guess thats not really true. I just want new technology. I want a decent phone that will go online, that I can Facebook and Twitter with. However, Minimum wages doesn't allow that when you have a mortgage, sick dog, expensive car and no way to change that in the immediate future. We just re-mortgaged our house... not in a bad way, just that it was up for renewal and we decided to continue paying what we do.. but the best thing is that our mortage that was 20 years, is now 17 (yes, we've been married 3 1/2 years and owned our home for 3 years already!!) will be 14 1/2 years after the paperwork is complete... how good is that!! (its really good).

Minimum wages suck, although I got another payrise this week after completing my DM licence. YAY! Slowly working my way back up the pay scales. I've been asked to look after the Monteiths Bar Facebook page and Twitter account. So i'm looking at what I can do from my phone, which is quite limiting with the basic thing I have at the moment. Perhaps when my Tax rebate comes in, I'll by a new phone... else I'll just pay bills and stuff. I had my first DM shift on Sunday night, thanks to Sam going out and getting wasted on the Saturday!! Hehehe... Monday was my 2nd DM shift, not much to do during the day, but its nice to know you are in charge and the one to goto if there are problems. If only the staff listened to me and done what I asked of them, rather than having to bang my head against a brick wall!! *sigh*

My Celica has been sitting a while, electrical problems recently. Although thanks to Willy from Blair Automotive for testing my ECU, Ignitors and Ignition Coils for faults. I now have what should be a complete system that are all good to go. Will have to put them in on Sunday sometime. YAY!! It think its time for a wof too, grr more $$ to spend.

I've been kinda getting back into Paintball, actually i'm selling a lot of my old stuff, which is good cause I can by new shiney stuff... just need someone to buy my Angel, so I can buy something else. Or fix the angel and just use that. There's an fortnightly gathering of paintballers at the Porirua field, so I'll start going there... playing with whomever will have me ;)

I think i'll wrap this up for now. I plan to be more vigilant with updating, as I keep this tab open and everyday I think I'll post, but never do... *sigh*

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  1. This week alone I've cleared over 57,000 emails from a spam attack into the mail server, closed the exploit that allowed it, tracked three separate spammers trying to get back in, then had the whole damn mail server crash and die yesterday afternoon from an unrelated hardware fault!

    Of course, that's just the office server. The real problems are with the production systems, our custom built software and its documentation and support (or lack thereof)...

    The road trip I mentioned last time we spoke has been postponed for now... It may be potentially rescheduled for some time between six and twelve months from now - timing TBA.