Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday, Together Day

So sundays will now be Ness and our "Together Day". Starting today, we're going for brunch somewhere in town, then movies, or something else we can do together. This started with the fact that I've been a shitty Husband recently. Wanting to change that, I decided that I will start with more chores, less stitting around on my day off and spending more time together when I'm not working.

So, today we got up around 11ish... Decided we'd head down to a place that John suggested. I spent a good 1/2 hour trying to get the Celica going before we headed out, unfortunatly, it is still in the driveway, not going anywhere in a hurry.

We headed into town, had to spend 10 minutes driving around looking for a free carpark, which we found luckily just down the road from FoxGlove, which is on the wharf where the Loaded Hog used to be. We got to the place and as expected it had changed decor, John and Rachel said it was a good place. We walked in and was greeted quite quickly, advised to grab a table and we'd be served soon. We picked one close to the window, first down side was the metal tables which were cold. A girl came to give us menus, we ordered a Latte and Hot Chocolate, we then got a couple glasses of water with ice. After looking at the menu's, we decided not to eat. Prices were a lil steep and although the menus sure looked tasty, were a lil posh for our taste at the time. Although I think it would be a great place to go with friends for a late lunch. The Latte and Chocolate sure didn't make the cut, not hot, luke warm at best and the chocolate tasted bitter. The cups were small and they did take a lil long to arrive.

Ness reckons i'm a coffee critique. Which stems from the time at FoxGlove, the barista may have been new, or badly trained, or a bit under pressure. Watching him made me cringe when he was packing the coffee, too many tamps, hitting with the metal tamper... *shudder* Ok, so you know when you do something for a living, you know how its supposed to be done etc. Think of race car drivers watching other people on the road. Or Chef's going to another restaurant, people are going to be critical of something they know. So thats now me. I can tell when a coffee is good or not, so please, if you are a barista, do it once, do it right!! I will send the coffee back!! MWahahahahahaaaaaa....

So we ended up at the Dixon Street Deli, was great!! Coffee could have been bigger, but I only asked for a normal latte rather than the bowl. The food was awesome, had the Egg's Benedict, Ness had French Toast with Bacon and Banana's. OM nom nom nom...

After brunch we grabbed the Harddrive back off Candy and went home to watch movies. Now when we get home I grabbed my phone which I left behind by mistake. I found that Ogre had text to request a pick up from the airport. It was 2:50pm and he was getting in at 3pm. We'd have known this earlier, but Ness hadn't checked her phone which she had on her at all times! Else we'd have stayed in town. Anyway, it was great to have Ogre home. Thanks Muchly for the Silver Jack Daniel Whiskey, mmmm, nom nom nom......

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