Sunday, September 19, 2010

Great times, good food, bad singing.....

So last night my wife and I went to town with friends. WE picked up Heather and Jo from their respective places, albeit a little later than expected... but chicks, they are never ready so it's all good.

We get to Ele's drinks at Eclipse just after 6pm, after circling the block to get a park. Unfortunately, the place was booked for a private function, so we could only stay for 1 drink. We ended up down the road at the GP. Great place, cause it served Monteiths!! Bought Ele a birthday drink and also had some Duck Liver Pate too, it was really really good!! That got us talking about pate recipes and such, so Heather superbly put her family recipe on her blog. Which is great, cause then I can make some for the gaming nights on Tuesdays.

After GP we headed to Taste of Korea, where we had dinner, followed by Karaoke. The dinner was interesting, I've never had Korean, so it was a first, but like I've said to a few people, I'm now all about trying new stuff!! So we open the wines, order a 3 course meal and wait... and wait... and wait... it took a while, even though we were booked and the only people there to start with. We waited a lot longer than I believe we should have. Anyway, I started with Sushi, Korean pancakes and dumplings. Followed by Pork, Beef and Chicken that was BBQ'd on the table in front of us, not as good as the place on Taranaki Street, but it was ok.

Ended up in a Private room for Karaoke, lots of singing done, lots of drinking and merriment! Left just before midnight, for home and sleeps!! There will be posting of photos and video to YouTube!! Mwahahahahahaaaa

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