Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday.... I can do this

Ok, so its wednesday, I blogged yesterday, but you know what... I can blog two days in a row!!

Today was a mission of a day. Bottle filling for TagPaintball, Interview at Fujitsu, Game at TagPaintball to run, then GoKarting at NorthCityIndoorRaceway. It was going to be a good day, till Marty rang to say the booking that is normally 2 hours will be 4, cause thats what IPG agree'd too, even though they didn't tell him that. So ended up having to set up the guns etc before going to my interview, goto town, head out and run the game, then rush down to gokarting.

Interview went really well (at least I think it did), hopefully will hear from them by Friday afternoon !! The game went ok, there were some pauses for the organiser to translate to some asians that obviously had no idea what I was saying... *SIGH* One guy there, a bit of a poser, had his own gear, nice shiney new ETek 3 LT, was very very nice to shoot, although his trigger and settings could do with tweeking slightly, and it was bouncing like a dole bludgers cheque....

During one of the games, a couple of peeps decided they'd pick up a bunker and move up the field with it, so I had to tell them to put it back, at which point I got shot in the collarbone, so I raised the gun I was holding and shot back at the customer.... I think they got as much of a shock as I did when I was shot :p After the games, we played Karnage! Which is pretty much an all on all shoot fest, at which point the guy with the gear went balistic on a couple of unsuspecting people, was great to watch!! They were pretty much done after that, took a long time to get them back down to the shed... which meant being late for the gokarting..... Grrrrr!!!

Ended up 15 minutes late to the Karts, walked in and the others were in their karts waiting to go, so I scribbled in the form, paid the money and jumped in a couple of laps down. Was a great time sliding around the course, more time going sideways than going straight, a few great spin outs, but being able to push the brake in and slam the gas, drop the brake and spin back the right way was great fun. Certainly meant that the dude didn't have to get up and shift people back the right way as often. We done about 44 laps I think in total. I was .4 of a second behind the fastest lap, and 3rd overall based on number of laps, being 3 behind the leader, although I don't know how many laps they'd done before I joined them (it could have been 4! heh) anyway, it was a good end to the day.

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