Saturday, September 11, 2010

Life goes on....

Well.... My life has turned around a lot lately.

Being let go from my job at Monteiths Kapiti, I've managed to secure employment at Paremata Monteiths now, its not as busy, but the people there are pretty good. Back to doing mainly nights again, but at least it is only a 10 minute drive from home to work, that'll save a lot of petrol!! The down side is the hours, a LOT less than what I was doing at Pram, which is putting a strain on finances. :(

We've bought a new vehicle though, sold the Evo for $8k, bought a Mitsi AirTrek, its an all wheel drive wagon. Not quite a station wagon, but not really a 4x4. Very nice to drive, smooth, auto with cruise control makes for great smooth long distance driving. The stereo is busted as it keeps loosing power, requiring the code to be entered.

Finally got the Celica going again, thanks to a friend of Vanessa's, changed the outer CV for the drivers side, but still makes an horrific noise when turning, might be the inner CV that needs to be changed... Grrrr.... we'll have to see if it passes the WOF next week when I get paid.

Went to parents for mum's birthday, although they were supposed to come to us, we ended up buying the AirTrek that day, so we went up there. They've bought a Wii as well, which is great, as then I can buy dad cool games for it, for his birthday in a couple of weeks!! Yay!! I think they got it for the fitness thing, although it seems to be weighing in 5kg's off, can't remember if it was high or low, but still, if its out by 5kg, I told them to just factor in that when they are getting weighed.

Playing Everquest II again!! Found out that friends were still playing it, so i've joined their guild and its quite good as its "The Old Gamers" group, which is players who are 25+ years old. Great group of mature men / women.

Went to Chimera in AKL the other weekend, was a great 3 days of Roleplaying at a scout camp. Played an English Gangster who stole diamonds from the Millenium Dome, a Skor Hunter (ork) who was hunting an evil beast, a Russian Mobster's Bodyguard who turned into a vampire, an outlaw / gang member in the wild west, a hungover art student and a witch on a yacht seeking eternal life.

Thats really all i've got at the moment, I always say I'll update more often, but it never happens, so this time I'll not say it :p

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