Saturday, November 20, 2010

GAO - Brief Day 1 Run down

OK, I was gunna blog day one, but since its just clicked to 11pm, i'll make it brief. We got up and ready and remarkably left early for the field, sweet. We got there, set up and prep'd all good, we walked the field. The first game up, we went to chrony and BOMB! The shite hit the fan!! Chrony was registering a 30fps increase over the shooting range one. Great, 4 guns had to be instantly re-chronied, but rather than give us a chance, they started the 1 minute and we got all rushed around. Got stormed by the other team on the first point, Shane - you don't owe me beers :( - The 2nd point I think was marred from the first point, another slamming. Rounded out the first game with a better fight back, but we still lost. FARK!!

After that we picked up the game plan. We got more lanes down, more bumping, Ali in Snake, Me 1 bunker inside him, "Extra" in back Centre, Ryan inside Dorito and "Extra 2" in back Dorito Corner. We have extra and extra 2, cause that was Wayne/ Craig and Blake rotating spots. Unfortunatly Ali, our snake player just wasn't feeling it. I think in fact, I had more time / kills from the snake than Ali, so after the first few matches, we switched it up. I took the snake, Ryan came inside snake, ali took inside Dorito. We started pushing back. I love the snake, run & gun to "Cake 2" which is commonly God or California, basically head of snake. Load, bump into snake, shoot Dorito 1, then bunker snake and shoot back centre / dorito side. Ali was loving it the doritos, although I think with me and ryan moving up, the other guys needed to move more too.

Couple of good moments before I goto bed. - 1) ran down snake, bunkered the last guy, too much moment, fell out of bounds, pulled / twisted something in leg, pushed off the hill and gave a curt yell re: pain in leg, just to hear a Ref yell "talking after eliminated, penalty" - ROBED! 1-4-1 means Kaela gets taken off, point drew. This I believe will get me on the short bus.... at least I hope so!! 2) on the same match as above, we'd gone to 2 all after 5 points, since the first one was a draw, I think the team figured we were done. So we're moving out the pits and big Sy yells that we're supposed to play 1 more point, rushing back onto the field, we get 3 people out there, I have no jersey or pack, just my pants and arm pads and 1 loader full, I run out, shoot back snake corner off the break while running and gunning, get into my first, call the G1, bump into Snake 1, shoot the guy in Dorito 2 on other side of field, bump to snake 2 while being cocky and saying "yeah, can't shoot a guy without a harness, bite me", stand up and scare guy in back temple with 3 to the face, then turned to battle with the snake guy, where I promptly hear the whir of my hopper, and get tagged out. So, not bad for 3vs5, 1 hopper = 3 kills. We still lost the point and the game but meh!!

That'll do for now, since that was 25 minutes ago. So much for brief!!

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