Monday, November 8, 2010


Happy Birthday Honey!! I love you so much!!

We had an epic birthday party on saturday for my wife. Rocky Horror Picture show theme. People dressed up, it was great fun. We had plenty to drink games to play, dancing and singing and fireworks. We had a BBQ too, although it was the two without pants on that cooked. Not sure how that worked, but it wasn't planned!! LOL

Worked a lil on the celica too, fixing what needs to be done on for the WOF. Had to spend some money on parts, not what I wanted for this week, after paying for party stuff etc, it wasn't good. Anyway, car seems to handle quite well, but not sure if thats cause i've hardly driven it, or cause of the fixing I've done. Just need two front tires to complete the WOF, then I can drive it legally again.

Gaming is on hold for a few weeks, due to personal things and what not. Bit of a pain, cause I was really getting into ShadowRun. We're back to playing next week, Aliens or something else, not overly sure atm.

Off to Palmy this weekend, paintball training, next weekend is paintball tourney and following weekend is LARP in Auckland, weekend after that is LARP in wellington (just the saturday night).

Got a Job Interview on Friday at Defense Force, yup, same place as Ness, but different team / floor. Also in Porirua, so just a nice walk to work :)

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