Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blogging at work? Yup.

Its pissing down with rain, again. OMG! What is it with this weather? Not a cloud in the sky this morning, but I knew I'd have to put Gabi's jacket on her before we went to work.

It seems that Winter has finally arrived. After the Winter Solstice, not sure if thats normal, as I can barely recall last month, let alone last year. The Ski Fields are finally getting around to opening, but yet again, I've missed out on a yearly ski pass, thanks to my bad run of jobs. However, I do hope to get up there for perhaps 1 or two weekends or a week maybe in the hight of the season. Just have to save up to go.

Ness is off to the USA at the end of the year, Middle of winter, to see her Dad & Stepmum for Xmas/New Year. Its going to be so cold, I don't think she really gets how cold its going to be. LOL. Anyway, she pays for her tickets today, she's gotten some spending money, which is good, considering the US dollar is at .82c. I'm really envious of her going, not so much the spending time with Family, but definitly the whole going to USA thing, I'd like to get to Huntington Beach March 2012 for paintball, or perhaps Oct for World Cup, but that means paying off the Credit Card & saving a lot of money. PSH!

So, as per the title, I'm sitting at work, its raining and I CBF doing anything. My tooth is killing me, but I have a dentist appointment on friday afternoon, so that will solve that problem. Next week is my last week of working on the 1st level service desk doing the ole, log and flog crap. I start at the wharf on the 11th of July, YAY! Working around 10m from Ness, should prove.... Interesting..... Yup, thats what we'll go with, "Interesting". The actual job though, I'm really looking forward too. It's desktop support for various clients, more technical and actually fixing things, rather than just logging calls and adjusting settings for phones. A decent payrise that will help pay off debts and not having to interact with idiots.

We have paintball practise on Saturday morning, breakouts, sliding, diving etc, so the rain at the moment should soften up the ground pretty well. Might leave cleaning my gear till after that! LOL.

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