Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lost Posts & Make Ups

So it appears my last post wasn't published. This is annoying as it had a couple of LARP write ups on it. GRRRRR..... I'll have to re-do that on another day.

Meanwhile.... This weekend has been pretty full on, although I can't say I done much..... Friday night was frustrating. I sold my Celica last week and when it failed the WOF, the girl who bought it didn't want it anymore. Typical girl, changes mind quicker than - "Insert quip here".

Saturday was an early start, with ness getting up and heading into town to get her hair done. I done the lawns, since I was returning Marty's lawnmower. Need to get me a petrol lawnmower, they is awesome! I then started sorting my Paintball Gear out, as we had a practice at 1pm. Ryan turned up at 12, just as I was having some lunch. Unfortunately I hadn't really done much paintball sorting :p We headed off to fill the dive tank and then off to grenada for practice. We met up with Johno and Fester, got some gear sorted, handed out some harnesses that had been donated to me. We walked down to the soccer / cricket fields to do some diving/sliding drills, the first field was way too gluggy thanks to the rain, but the second was just right, hard, but wet, so sliding was pretty good.

Saturday evening we spent on the couch watching movies, we watched Masterchef NZ final, I knew what was going to happen, as I had heard it on the news, but it was still gutting to see the tower fall apart. We then watched American Pie: The Wedding on Sky, one of those funny but cringe worthy movies. We followed this up with Tron Legacy... it was pretty hard to get into, the Xbox that was streaming through Media Centre from my Laptop, while I was playing WOW, kept lagging (geeze, i don't know why... /sarcasm) so we headed off to bed to watch the rest of it. We got 1/2 way into it before I was falling asleep. So we stopped it and figured we'd watch the rest of it another time.

Sunday morning, typical getting up at 6:30 to let the dog out, went back to bed and snoozed through the morning, then I looked at the clock to see it at 9:30, this is the exact time I'm supposed to pick up Bryan from Tawa to go gaming!! UH OH!! so I hurriedly get dressed, pack the laptop up and head out to Tawa. My friend John texts me while i'm driving and advises he's got a computer issue, DOH!! So I grab Bryan, head to Woolies to get gaming supplies and I give give him a buzz.... apparently the Virus software has gone out of date. So a quick IT Advice call later and we're off again to Nada? I think it was, a bakery in Tawa for some breakfast, got a piece of pizza bread and a savory roll and a HUGE Raspberry cream bun, the breakfast of champions.

The day bought about a fair amount of Whoop down by the Crew. I started by loosing CON from a Mist (swarm) but I followed that up with the killing of a horse that carried a bad version of our paladin (most of the bad guys in the encounter were opposites of our party, cept me, cause I was the new guy) So anyway, I ran out from behind a building, cut out the horse from under him and proceeded to wail on him. Unfortunatly I forgot about my awesome Axe's ability to carve through armour as if he wasn't wearing any (brilliant energy) until 2 rounds later. He didn't do much damage, but touched me for around 7 CON, 1 DEX, & 2 CHA, along with Deafening & Diseases. It wasn't pretty. However, the next round I calculated my hits properly and ripped him a new one. After we cleaned up a bit, sorted the town out and provided a ration station for the remaining live populace, we headed off. We managed to get a sizable haul of 1/4 million gold for our efforts, and just over 14k xp. Not bad I must admit. I spent 14 days figuring out what to buy with my gold, we decided we're off to slay some Undead stuff next, this proves a problem, as my awesome axe won't damage undead, constructs or objects.... Grrrrrr.....

I got home to a partially clean garage, ness was doing her Wii Fit. I helped get some more trash to the curb for pick up during the week, the garage looks mighty big with so much crap gone now, I really don't know where she gets the energy or enthusiasm to do that kinda stuff. She even said "i've not done any house work today" pssshhhh.... cleaning the garage and putting stones in the back garden etc is plenty of house work for a day! So, after all that, I done my Wii Fit, ness put some dinner on, I had a shower and then we watched some more TV. 2F2F, purely cause I was watching them during the week and my 2F2F dvd is missing, GGGGGRRRRRRR!!! Then CopOut with Bruce Willis, great stupid movie to finish the weekend. Now I sit here, with a flashing laptop battery, so i'll sign off.

Hope you all had a great weekend and didn't let the Rapture or Raptors ruin your saturday night.

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