Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Getting the most out....

There are so many things going on in my life these days that you'd think that I'd have no time for anything else. The problem I have is that it is further from the truth than you may think. Not that I'm really talking to anyone in particular, the joys of no one reading my blog.

Anyway...... I digress, so much so, that I forgot where I was going.... Oh right, things to do. So I find myself wanting to play more XBox, but with only one TV at home, I have to wait till Ness is in the shower (thats a good 30-40 minutes) or shes gone to bed. Else she wants to watch recorded TV, or just whatever is on. I am currently wandering around the wastelands of Fallout3, a game that my Ogre bought when it first came out, he doesn't own an XBox, so I now have it. Its a really dynamic game. It has a main story line that you can follow directly, but also it has so much more to offer. Sub Quests, story lines, etc are abundant. Even following the main story will send you to different areas and various people to interact with. I have just finished exploring a library, collecting information and "pre war" books for various people, who pay me with bottle caps, the post apocalyptic currency of choice.

Unlike other games, there is a large emphasis on the realism of post nuclear wasteland. Radiation poisoning, busted old ruins, mutants, bent rusted cans, etc etc. You can eat and drink food from before & during the war, but you get radiation poisoning from them, this is combated by anti radiation medicine. The other realism is weight management, and I don't mean being able to fit my pants.... Almost everything has a weight value, things like stimpaks (health needles), pieces of paper on the other hand don't. A few things that I believe could have weights but don't, including ammunition. Carrying around 200 odd 10mm rounds would be quite a burden for most people. But I seem to carry around 7-900 rounds of ammunition without a problem. (Something, I believe, they changed in Fallout New Vegas on the Hardmode.) However, this doesn't stop me from having issues carrying things. I started out my character to be a stealthy, good with Pistols scientist/engineer. She's good with picking locks, hacking computer terminals, creating and repairing weapons and apparel, shooting small guns and being sneaky. Modeled primarily from my Shadowrun (roleplaying game) character Scarlet. So with a Strength of 4, I can carry 190lbs of gear before being encumbered. Something I find I generally hit / go over after various missions / quests that send me off to explore things.

Work day is coming to an end now, I really went off tangent with what I started writing, but I found that this came much easier than what I intended to write about, which was the fact I miss hanging out with my friends on a Tuesday and on the weekends where I spend most weekend evenings watching tv, or blobbing on the couch.

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