Thursday, July 21, 2011

Potential Trip to the States?

For those that don't know, last year I got a heafty Tax rebate, after 18 months of forcing Ness to pay lots of bills, the mortgage etc, I decided to pay off the Visa and give her a trip to the states to see her dad & stepmum. I'm pretty sure the tears were of Joy, rather than sadness..... I hoped they were! Luckily, she confirmed they were, cause she never thought I would think of such a thing, I'd normally just buy a bunch of things rather than think smartly. She was right too!! I didn't buy a paintball gun because I felt bad about being made redundant and having her support both of us.

Anyway, this December, Ness is off to the states, 2 weeks in California, touring around the southwest, going to Las Vegas, San Fransisco, Grand Canyon, LA etc etc. JEALOUS!! Then shes off to New York to spend 3 weeks with her Dad & Stepmom. I've told her she needs to take lots of photos and buy me lots of souvenirs. So I'll propbably get a plastic statue of liberty... yay!

This has gotten me thinking, I think if I saved up enough I might get to the States too. So I am starting to envision myself hitting San Diego Comicon & Crash at the Coast Paintball Clinic, both happen around Mid July in San Diego. Great Timing!!

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