Thursday, March 29, 2012

That which we don't talk about!!

Ok, so I have so many things to say today, but one is top secret squirel business, so I won't put that up.

However! On Tuesday I was walking to work after driving in to town. We put the car in to get a service, oil / filter etc. Anyway, I was walking along when I got a sudden surge of pain between my shoulder blades and at my sternum. As if someone had plunged a Spear through my back and out the front. My first thought was "OMG! I'm having another heart attack!!" - The pain dulled a bit but I could tell that something had gone snap, or a nerve had pinched or something like that. Either way, it fucking hurt bad!! During the day, the back pain would come and go. Sometimes it was fine, but in some instances, I'd turn and get this shooting pain. After work we were supposed to goto dinner at The Ave and then the Movies to see Hunger Games. We had pizza and drinks at The Ave and headed to the Movies. Oh thats rights, Tuesday is cheap night. Opps!! The Queue was huge, by the time we got to the front, the next two screenings were fully booked. So we decided to head home. Ness completed her assignment and submitted it for proof reading. I played my new Call of Duty game on the XBox.

Wednesday came around, went to work and about 11am ish, I sneezed and my god, I thought my spine was going to explode out my back. Jeebus, it hurt!! So I decided it was Chiropracter time!! Booked in to get it looked at before Paintball Training. I got there, waited for 15 minutes past my appointment time to be told to goto Room2. Sat in this 'cubby hole' for another 10 minutes, then I finally got to see the Dr. It was quite a fun session. He couldn't fix the problem entirely, as it still hurts a bit, but he fixed the main problem, loosened me up a bit and I was more comfortable at training.

When I got home, I shaved my head. Yup, completely. Not just a number 2, probably a 1, or even a .5 - its pretty short. So I've had the typical "Tell me who done it, i'll get him" "Did you fall under a lawnmower" etc etc... Was better at Training, as the heat left the head pretty well, I just sweat like a Byatch more now!! LOL

I've been doing Wii Workouts too ( could have caused my pinced nerves and muscle lock ups ) - It's better than doing nothing, combined with weekly paintball training sessions and walking the dog etc, i'm sure I can loose a bit of weight and bet a better paintballer over all.

Next weekend is Easter and we've got a road trip up to Auckland. The event is looking to be a pretty top notch affair. 17? Teams, couple from Australia, some Asian players are coming over (not a full team, just wanting to play a tourney over here). This year I'm playing for Hybrid. Unfortunately a couple of our players can't make this event, along with 1 other who is playing his last tournament for my old team Phoenix. So we've a bit of a mixed bag for our first event, but our 2nd and 3rd will be a full Hybrid roster and a force to be reckoned with!!

I'm currently waiting for my new gun to arrive!! I'm really looking forward to it. Moving back from Dye to Planet Eclispe. Still a Spooly, so thats a bonus. Been reading all about the gun, I should find that I get more pods out of a fill, but then I don't shoot that much as a front player. Been watching Paintball videos whenever I have spare time, which is good, cause it really gets my heart pumping and I believe that with training and watching videos, i'll have a fair amount of ability to do damage at Easter.

I've also been writing a LARP for the first ever LARP Convention in Wellington. Hydra is a sister con for Chimera that is run in Auckland in August. Myself and Naomi are writing the Flagship LARP - a Mayan appocolypse LARP about gods, demons and priests (oh my!) It seems so jagged when you start, but it sure comes together when you get characters written and plots & sub-plots figured out. It will be quite interesting to see how the players interpret their characters and the plots they've assigned. That's probably the best thing to witness, what everyone does and accomplishes during the 3 hour game.

I think thats about it for now. Catch me next time (whenever that might be)

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