Monday, March 19, 2012

I've said it before, I'll say it again....

I really should blog more often!! The thing is, I doubt anyone actually reads it, cept maybe John & Heather, cause they have their blogs here on too.

I love John's blog for his movie reviews and rather interesting views on various (generally random) things / places etc.

Heathers Blog is GREAT for photos. I wish I had her talent!!

Moving on, 2011.... What a year that was right!!? I started the year in a contract role for NZICA, then when that finished I started in TelstraClear. I was going to work for defence force in Porirua, a nice stroll down to work each morning would have been good for me. But a 6month recruitement period, with no contact really wasn't helping. TCL - 4 weeks and it was signed sealed and delivered. Since my contract had expired, I had 2 weeks off and then started. 3 months later, I moved from Level 1 Service Desk (answering phones for 8 hours) to Level 2, Field Support Services (desktop support for TCL & External Clients) still on the phone, but also answering email requests etc. And I wasn't tied to the desk. 9 Months later and 2 days before my 1 year anniversary at TelstraClear Limited and I am now in Level 3, Wintel Services (Server & Network support).

3 Jobs, 3 internal "promotions" and I am now doing what I want to do and it only took a year. That might sound like a lot of moving, which could be frowned upon, but others believe its a good thing, as all my movements were UP the Ladder, not onto a different one. The only "issue" that some people could be concerned about, is the fact that Ness also works in this team, but as I've told a few friends, I actually now have LESS contact with her than I did before. That might seem weird, but I have a buddy (Dwayne) and I sit in front of my Boss (Josh), so I can now ask those guys questions about things, rather than Ness who was my closest Wintel Source, before I moved desks.

I've learnt a fair bit already, and it's only the start of week 3. I didn't really do much in my first week, as I started on the Monday, had Tuesday/Wednesday off due to illness (opps) and then had Study leave on Friday/Monday to do my Windows 7 Exam. Unfortunately, I didn't pass, however I did get a 507/800 mark. This might not seem very high, but based on the way that Microsoft Exams are scored, it was very good. Two other people have done it in TCL and they passed on the 3rd time (both of them) - my first score was better than both the others first scores.

So; thats my update for today..... Tomorrow I'll talk about my awesome sport, Paintball, the new Airfield, our Team and Practices that we do.


  1. Well done on the job! :-) I was wondering how it was all going.

    So, :-P someone else does in fact read your bog!! hehe

    1. Thanks Stacey, Yet again I have failed to update after saying I would!


      Random to see you the other day at the roundabout - we'd just come home from not going to the movies, we were getting a DVD then Ness decided we'd leave it for the night has she had an assignment to finish. So we went all the way around and I had to look twice at your number plate! Hehe.