Tuesday, March 8, 2016

It's been that long again!!

Yeah yeah yeah, it's been another 9 months since I last posted. I won't lie, it's not a top priority and in reality, it's been a while since i had anything to write about. This month, it's about Pathfinder, or at least, in a way it is. I really wanted to enhance the gaming nights that I have with 3 close friends, better maps and miniatures. So I after much looking around, I decided to save up for a 3d Printer, back a Kickstarter for 3d Terrain and then print my own stuff, that I could paint and present to my group.

Saving has never been easy for me, so I set up a GiveALittle page, which is New Zealands version of Kickstarter, in a round about way. More crowdsourcing than KickStarter. But still, it allows people to give others funds for various reasons.

Back my 3D Printer

Other News:
I also purchased a domain - RoseyNZ.geek.nz how cool is that!! Now I just need to learn how to Website!! LOL - trying to create a brand for myself. I mean, i'll never be as awesome as so cool gaming sites out there, but gotta start somewhere, and what else am I going to do when I retire at 55. Golf will only take up so much time!!

GM'ing Shackled City; which is technically a DnD 3rd Edition adventure path, however we're using Pathfinder rules, as I prefer them to the older systems. With only 3 PC's and few key NPC's that help out occasionally, it's been a tough road in converting some of the rules, locations and deities, but we're getting there. The PC's are now level 11, have defeated an ancient evil demon lord, smashed a dragon and have spent a week off in a local city, where they spent a fair chunk of cash!! Talk about a good way to draw attention to themselves. MWAHAHHAAHAHAH...... *cough* - where was I, oh right. Now they are looking to the east, where they plan to raid a village of undead, because since everyone that goes there doesn't come out, it must be full of treasure for the taking right?!? RIGHT?!!? Well, we'll see what the PC's come across soon, when they enter the Haunted Village and confront whatever is beyond the gate.

I play in a 5ed Game run by a friend called Tony. I don't really know the other players, but am getting settled in quite well, being a Paladin of 9th level. The rules, combat and overall system is easier and simpler than previous editions, but there are some different things that make it a little difficult to get my head around, since I jumped straight to 8th level when I started, so there are times I forget little things that I can do during various rounds, or whatever.

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