Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Golf - It's still a game right?!

For those that just like to read my board game, or RPG posts, move along. This is a sport post instead, although still technically a game! Hehe

Golf - a Long walk spoiled by a small ball, Gentlemen Only - Ladies Forbidden, Invented by the great Bullroarer Took, when he hit a Goblin Head down a rabbit hole, whatever you know about Golf, it's not until you play that you really appreciate the hard work the professionals put in. I started playing around 10 years old. I played a couple of times in the UK with my dad, playing with some (borrowed) wooden clubs that my (Great) Uncle Brian gave me. We also played a few years later, when we came to NZ. Playing at Waikanae Golf Club, I took lessons & used to really enjoy it. I played a few rounds with friends, but it never really felt as good as playing with Dad & Grandad. Fast forward 15 years and I'm still borrowing clubs! Mum & Dad played a lot together when they were younger, but when they moved to a lifestyle block in Te Horo, they stopped playing. I asked to borrow Dad's clubs so I could play with my friend Candy.

I'm 35 now, Married, 1 daughter, 3 cats & a dog. Candy is Married with 1 little girl as well. We get out when we can, although never as often as we like. We started going to Pauatahanui golf club, a double 9 hole round at $20 each. Where the 18 holes were made up of one lot of 9 holes with different Tee's for the back 9. There is a lot of up & down walking, making it a long day if we go. In the last year, we've mainly gone to Petone, where the Golf Warehouse has a driving range & a 9 hole course. We start off with 100 balls on the driving range to get warmed up & then have a round of 9 holes.

I went out a couple of weeks ago by myself, I'd organised a day off, where I was intending to attend a LARP in Wainuiomata, but due to other circumstances, ended up with a spare day. So headed off to the driving range and had one of the best rounds ever! Although when we went on Sunday, it wasn't any where near as good. I blame Candy as he was the only difference between then & being alone! I had a few great shots, but my putting certainly let me down.

Still, we had a great day out in the fresh air, while our better halves were at home, taking care of our little ones.

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