Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday, it's my day.

When I say it's my day, just means I'm not working. Today is a rare Tuesday that I not only don't have work at Monteiths, I'm also not filling bottles for Martin. Today is truly, My Day.

I slept in, it was a good start, although when I woke up, i checked the time, it was 9:27am and Ness had already gone to work.. I missed the goodbye kiss, which was a lil dissappointing. But never the less, the sleep in was really good!! I got up, fed the dog, put the tv on, turned the laptop on and then Ogre came out and suggested coffee.... what a guy!! So we had coffee.... or should I say he did, cause I forgot about mine and an hour or two later when he came to suggest another coffee, I just heated mine back up again.

I played Warcraft this morning, spoke to nessie around midday, bought a BB Gun from 1-Day (cue giggling like a school girl), but got told that I could only have it, if I mowed the lawns and called the Ministry of Justice to sort out my careless driving fine. So I've done the lawns, just gotta call the MoJ, and I also need to find her headband / ear keeper warmer'er... I've looked high and low for it, but god knows where it is!!

I also received a package today!! YAY!!! my new Paintball goggles and Hopper arrived, in matching camo colour. Just need to sort my gun and bottle out, buy new pants and i'm back in the game properly!! YAY!!

I think the last thing I have to do is sort the house out for when the boys come around tonight, since its gaming night, the roster says it's my turn to host, means I don't have to go out and i'm not late home, fingers crossed for some nookie!! *Grin*

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