Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday, Blog day....

OK, so its been a week since I blogged. I figured I got 5 minutes to catch up, since Ness is in the bathroom doing what ever it is girls do in there before bed. Anyway, its been a pretty cool week this week.

Finally got to play another LARP, was great fun, albeit very cold!! Based in Karori, we had a party for Jackie, who was planning a Seance to talk to the ghost of Rick Jacobs, a local man that believed the Meteor that landed 40 years ago brought aliens with it. Set in the 70's there were skeptics and believers at the party. Talking with various people, looking over the "Evidence" that someone had bought at an auction recently, we set about the possibilities of these "Zombies", the "Servant" of the Alien and weather a seance to talk to Rick would cause irreparable damage. So we did the seance, spoke to rick, summoned zombies, got turned into zombies, attempted to banish the zombies, ran around Karori park at 9:30pm in the middle of winter, in what felt like -10 degrees. In the end, the zombies over powered the ones attempting the ritual and won the day.

Also been window shopping for a smart phone, cause my current one sucks and I want a cool phone for once. So I'm looking at switching to vodafone and getting a Sony X10i. Thanks to Mr Taxman, he's giving me a sizable chunk of money back, I'll get a new phone, some new paintball gears and possibly a holiday too :) YAY!!

Ness is having a week off work this week, should be nice and relaxing for her. She got a really really really short hair cut last week, so not very impressed, cause most people know I HATE short hair on chicks... We went into town today and she got shown how to use hair straightners on short hair... took the dog to animates, she barked lots at the 2 dogs there, but she got a new bed. We're going to head to the German Shepherd club on sundays, so she gets used to other dogs, cause she's a pain to others when we're out and about.

Work is going well, been doing DM shifts recently, although I think I'll be stuck doing Day DM shifts, since the other guys are better at nights. I love my job, but some days I wish I was doing something else. But then again, I feel I'd feel the same no matter what job I was doing.

We've been watching movies at night on the laptop since ness is off work, we've seen Valentines Day and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (over 2 nights, since I fell asleep.... LOL

Well, ness is done in the bathroom and also removed a mouse, dead and smelly, thanks to Fluffy meowing lots and trying to get at it (he's great at fetching dead things, not so great at the live stuff :p ) So, prolly gunna watch another movie now. Good night world!!

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