Sunday, May 1, 2011

Geeks n Freaks!!

This weekend has been a weekend of awesomeness. Friday was a long hard day at work, topped it off with a night with friends, Heather, John and Rachael watching the royal wedding. Not sure what happened, but for some reason everyone seemed to think I was an anti royalist or something. Probably due to my wifes complete non-understanding of me :p

Anyway, we had a great meal of Roast Beef, yorkshire pudding, roast vegies, peas n beams and gravy. It was sooooo good!!! We had a few bottles of bubbly and a bottle of red wine. I believe there was also white wine and vodka as well. The ceremony was kinda cool, watching the Future Kind and Queen getting married. I think the best thing was the drinking game, various things like what colour the Queens hat was, every time there was a shot of Elton John, when Prince Harry was laughing etc etc. Was a good night, we ended up heading home at around 11:30 ish... probably due to me being asleep and snoring on the couch!! LOL

Saturday was a great day of man stuff, in a round about way of getting back my man card, we shot guns. Including a civilian version of the M16, which my favourite. We had 22s, 308s, and the Beast of a 50 cal. There are some vid's on YouTube of these... Fantastic time!! We then went into town and watched Steve "rowing is for pussies" head to Frank Kitts Lagoon, where he had to row a single scul across the water in a wetsuit & bikini..... He done rather well, till he fell in about 1/2 way across, but when the tutor stated he'd not let him get all the way over, you can't really be suprised, LOL!! We followed this with some MacDonalds, OM NOM NOM..... After Maccas we shot off to the Kaiwharawhara Indoor Grand Prix for a 50 lap le mans style race. That was much fun, until towards the end my kart was starting to sputter... I had to pull in, lost 2 laps and then had 2 more laps till the end of the race. Was sooooo close to winning. Oh well, these things happen. Must admit, I got most of my passes when the lights went green after a red or orange light.

Sunday was geek day, playing Pathfinder with some mates. Playing a 13th Level dwarf fighter, with an intelligent axe. It gives me some buffs, 2 extra arms, and cuts through Armour & Shields. This was my first day of playing the fighter, it got a little boring with all the democracy and hub bub of deciding who to back and where to put our alligence, but when it came down to fighting, it was pure orgasmic!! First round of attacks and I do 157 hps of damage, it was grand!!

Got home after gaming and had a short shot at some Lego Rock Band. Theres some great songs on there already, but I really can't wait for "The final countdown" to come available, cause its really the only reason I borrowed it from my work mate. MWahahahaha...

Thats me for now, again. Work tomorrow... Sigh.


  1. I got the impression from your wife to be fair. And it was a great night.

  2. Yup, guns... a friends stag do, it was a great time. Just needed more rounds in the clips.