Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm So Excited!

Live is damn good at the moment, you know you get those ups and downs.... sometimes you just can't see the rainbow through the rain. But at the moment, I think of all the good things that i'm doing, paintballing, LARP'ing, hanging out with friends. I just can't seem to get enough of the good things!!

This coming weekend, I'm in two more LARP's. Friday night will see me playing Laertes in Hamlet, Saturday will see me playing the Prince from Snow White.... Yup, i'm sure you can see it now, bright blue leggings, cod piece, frufie blouse, flop hat etc etc... but you know what, 3+ hours acting out various characters without script or lines, GREAT way to spend a couple of evenings.... If you ever wondered what it might be like, or want to have a shot, flick me an email or txt, I believe there are spots available.

I've recently bought a new Paintball Marker too, I've probably mentioned it before now, but my god, its so good!! Just love the fact that its easy to clean and adjust. We're off to Rotorua for the next event, Queens Birthday Weekend. We've picked up a few more players, meaning we now have a semi solid team for the rest of the year.

A few shout outs to peeps that impact my life:

My friend John has started a new blog, he's looking to get into proper film reviews etc, so give him a follow and check out his work.

Rising Star Paintball - These guys are NZ's version of Derder... most of the people that will read this blog won't really care, but they do some fantastic work behind the camera, they have to, they make me look good!! Check out some videos, including me from the two southern series events held this year!

PhoenixP8ntball - Ok, so this is the Team's Twitter account.... it kinda counts, even though I'm the one that updates it.... LOL - If you use twitter and want to hear about the teams goings on, tourneys, practises etc... then follow us, my user name is RoseyNZ.

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