Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cool Stuff!!

I know most of you followers read my blog updates on a reader, probably Google (its my preferred rss feed reader), However, for those that actually view my blog on its webpage, you will see a new addition shortly!!

Mighty Ape, by far the best online gaming (& Misc) shop for NZ Buyers!! Great daily deals, WIDE selection, friendly people and they are ALWAYS willing to help in ANY way possible. I've never had a bad experience with them. They stick to their Pre-Order deadlines, thinking about the customers end experience more than any other company I've used. I used to play MMORPG's, and getting the new expansions was a top priority. These guys know how important new content is for MMORPG's, so when new ones come out, they get the stock in and they send it out so that it arrives at the customers door the day before the servers go live. So you can install the update, get the patches and be ready to play as soon as the game servers are up. NO more receiving the package on the day the server goes live, just to install it, patch and then be 8+ hours behind the rest of the world. No more Midnight Launch parties (i'm old by gaming standards 31... eck!)

So, for those that are also into gaming & online shopping for geeks. Check out my blogger page & Mighty Ape. If you buy things, make sure you click my link to launch the page, it gives me a bonus when I buy stuff (which is a good thing!!)

To make my blog a bit more entertaining for you others that don't really care for Gaming. I'm off to Chimera on Friday. Its an Annual LARP'ing convention. 3 Days, 6 Games (3hours each) and 100+ people hanging out and catching up. Being based in Auckland is a good thing, as I catch up with some friends who moved there a couple of years ago, I also get to eat some DONUTS too. Turning up early, helping set up and directing people where to go etc, makes me feel good, as i'm giving back to the people that helped me enjoy my first LARP a couple of years ago. I don't envy Anna Klein at all with running Chimera. She does so well to organise every last detail.

This year I have a more varied set of characters, which is going to push my role-playing a bit further. Last year I got 1 best costume and 1 best role-playing awards, which I thought was quite impressive as it was my first year. I'm hoping to get a couple of best costumes this year as I've put a bit more effort into a couple of them. I feel my role-playing has improved, with less time worrying about whats written on my sheets and more improvisation going into it.

This years Characters;
Round 1; Police Chief - House on Haunted Hill
Round 2; Fulliautomatix (blacksmith) - Asterix
Round 3; Vocational Guidance Counsellor - Monty Python
Round 4; "Slave" - Gordian Knot
Round 5; Bearded Lady - Colonel Sebastian T. Rawhide's Circus of the Spectacular!
Round 6; Soilder #3 - Forgotten Gods

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